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We are no longer raising Puppies. We retired our adults.

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About Rat Terriers
If you're new to rat terriers or just thinking of adding a little buddy to your family, you're in for a real treat. Rat Terriers are super dogs! They are sweet, gentle with kids, easy to train, loyal, and very clean.  They are a constant companion that never wants to leave your side.

RAMBO (our first boy)

RIP  May, 2005

About us at Texoma Country Kennels!

 We are located outside of Sherman, TX  about 65 miles north of Dallas.  We are about 10 miles from the Oklahoma border.  We live on a 160 acre beef ranch in the wide open country. We have been in love with Rat Terriers for about 12 years.  They are truly part of our family!

 Our first Rat Terrier was a male named Rambo. We bought him as a puppy and feel in love immediately.  He lived up to his name on the farm.  He was the boss of the other dogs, cats, chickens, cows, etc.  Unfortunately, he thought he could protect his territory from coyotes.  It was like losing a family member and he still has a place in our hearts.

 With the loss of Rambo, we decided to get another male and that subsequently led us to begin breeding.  We now have two males and two females.  Rowdy and Xena are black\tan tri.  Buckley and Giselle are brown/white.

 Our goal is to raise the best Rat Terrier puppies possible that can become a true family member to their new owners.  We strive for healthy, happy, puppies that will be a life-long companion.

Rat Terrier Puppies
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Our rat terriers are generally 10-20 pounds as adults.

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